Types of window screens

Window screens are a common feature of homes. They can keep out bugs as well as provide some amount of privacy from the outside world. Different types of window screens have different types of benefits, not just for bug protection or privacy, but also to protect the windows themselves and the home itself.

At first, full metal mesh screens were all homeowners used to protect their windows. The benefit was that they offered complete insect protection from anything small enough to enter through the screen mesh. However, this type of netting also kept people from being able to see through the window screen, which would offer no visibility at all, creating a safety issue in case there was a fire on the other side of the window where someone might need to escape or be rescued quickly.

Some types of window screens are made with larger mesh sizes compared to standard types of window screens. These types of screens are known as pet screens or fly screen windows, and their purpose is to keep insects, such as mosquitos, flies, and bees out while still allowing people to see through the screen. This type of netting will allow water to pass through easily while keeping flying bugs out, making it easier for homeowners to open up their homes while still enjoying their backyard view while sitting on the porch or in the backyard during a cookout. However, this does come at a cost due to there being less metal in each square inch of these types of window screens than in other types.

Types of window screens

There are many types of window screens not just for bug protection or privacy, but also to protect the windows themselves and the home itself which include the following:

  1. Aluminum window screens
  2. Fiberglass window screens
  3. Metal window screens
  4. Retractable window screens
  5. Solar window screens
  6. Privacy window screens
  7. Pet-resistant window screens
  8. Stainless steel window screens

Aluminum window screens

Aluminum window screens are a type of screen that sits inside the frame of the window opening. They feature aluminum frames and sturdy hinges at the top and bottom, meaning they can be flipped up for ventilation or left down to block out the sunlight.

The purpose of an aluminum window screen is to keep flying bugs and other pests from getting into your home throughout the open seasons. During the winter months, some want to keep them closed to prevent too much cold air from entering, but during spring and summer, it’s perfectly okay to leave them open whenever possible for fresh air circulation.

They can also help regulate the indoor temperature during times when you’d rather not use an air conditioner or heater. They’re the easiest method to use for ensuring that you don’t get too hot or too cold during any one time of day.

Aluminum window screens are also great for preventing other types of insects from entering your home, including ants and other crawling bugs which can cause damage. They won’t be accessible once inside due to the presence of aluminum screen mesh, which is effective because it’s made with tiny holes designed to keep flying creatures like flies out while allowing airflow.

These windows screens come in a variety of styles suitable for both practicality and convenience depending on your needs. The simplest type works just by flipping them upwards when they’re needed, but more complex designs offer additional options such as frames that fold away completely when not required.

Fiberglass window screens

Fiberglass window screens are made of glass fiber reinforced composite material. It is widely used because it has the benefits of both good insulation and energy efficiency. This type of window screen can be metallic or non-metallic. Metallic wire mesh fiberglass windows are heavier, stronger, and more durable, but they are also more expensive than ordinary fiberglass screens. Fiberglass screening material comes in a variety of colors to match your home’s exterior decor or landscape design, you can even make custom screens for large openings in many different shapes and sizes. The standard fiberglass mesh size is 24″ x 36 ” but you can ask for different dimensions according to your need.

Fiberglass mesh is available with carbon black electric coating which provides better UV protection providing 500 hours enhanced ultraviolet resistance over standard fiberglass mesh without electric coating.

In addition, the fiberglass mesh has an insulated design which allows for less heat loss. The insulation also reduces your energy bills by keeping the warm air inside in the winter and keeping cool air inside in the summer. They are easy to install, with self-aligning spring ends attach to a window track. The highly flexible material makes it simple to install into any opening, no matter how rough or uneven the surface may be.

Metal window screens

A metal window screen is a mesh of metal or metal alloy wires which are put together to form a metal fabric used for buildings. A metal screen is one of the most common types of screens and can be manufactured from either metal wire or solid metal sheeting by punching them with holes.

Metal window screens have been in use since the 16th century. In the early days, the windows were covered with cloth made from cotton or linen fabrics that let air pass through while keeping insects out. However, over time these screens began developing small gaps, particularly at corners where there was more stress on them than usual. As a result moths and other insects got into homes through the tiny openings created by this process, so it demanded a better solution to keep insects away from homes.

Heavily-used metal window screens should be painted with an oil-based metal primer before the actual metal paint is applied. The reason for this is that oil-based metal paint can last longer than latex one; it also provides protection against rust (which may again spoil the metal’s appearance) for many years to come. Metal window screens serve different purposes not only in regular houses but even in churches, hospitals, recreational centers, etc.

Retractable window screens

Retractable window screens are commonly known as retractable screens, retractors, or pull-down screens. When the weather is too hot or too cold for an open window, you can shut your window to keep your house at a comfortable temperature with retractable window screens. Another benefit of retractable screen windows is that they prevent insects from entering the home when the windows are left open.

The design of retractable screen windows makes it so easy to operate them that even young children should have no trouble opening and closing them. Before deciding whether to purchase factory-made retractable screens or make your own using DIY kits, you need to know about all available options in terms of appearance and functionality. There are different styles, colors, and designs available that will go along with any décor. The most popular retractable screens are made from aluminum because of their durability. However, you can also choose wood or even PVC plastic.

The exterior side of retractable screen windows is covered with a protective layer that prevents it from scratching when it is being retracted. Additionally, the material used in the manufacture of these screens makes them child-proof by preventing small fingers from getting caught in the grooves while trying to open or close them. Another advantage of this product is that it attaches directly to your window frame without requiring any locks for installation. All you have to do is hook up one side and then pull out the other end until it reaches its final position at the top of your windowsill.

When you are looking for stylish, simple, and durable retractable window screens, ask your local hardware store for a list of suppliers. You will find that there are several styles and colors to choose from including plain white or beige as well as more colorful options with designs on them. To make your search easier, consider looking online where you can compare prices, delivery times and warranty offers from the comfort of your home.

Solar window screens

Solar window screens are a type of sunscreen that is installed in a window.  They block the sun’s ultraviolet rays and stop up to 65% of the heat from entering a home, lowering air conditioning bills by 10%-20%.  This is an eco-friendly way to cool your house without using electricity or chemicals, they are also called  solar window shades or solar screens.”

In addition, solar window screens come in various styles, sizes, and materials so homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to installing them on their windows.  In fact, homeowners can find these versatile and stylish alternatives at most retail stores.

Privacy window screens

A privacy window screen is a form of window treatment used to allow natural light into a room while maintaining privacy. It does this by covering the windows of indoor space with vanes, slats, or louvers made from more transparent materials such as fabric, plastic, or glass which can either be translucent, frosted, or opaque.

Privacy window screens are typically mounted on the exterior of buildings and are intended for both aesthetic purposes and to provide security features against vandalism and burglary. They are also commonly placed in homes next to open windows where they serve both purposes- to provide privacy while allowing natural light to enter.

A number of different types of materials may be used for the construction of privacy window screens depending upon what is desired. These include metal, wood, fiberglass, and glass these can be used in privacy window screens with varying levels of durability and cost-effectiveness.

Pet resistance window screens

Pet resistant window screens are screens for windows designed to keep pets in the house.

These pet screens for windows are available in many different styles, colors, and materials to match any home décor. The use of pet-resistant window screens will help to prevent the possibility of dangerous accidents when your pets become curious about what they can see outside. Pets that get used to seeing birds or other animals will try everything to get closer when they see them outside because it’s natural instinct for cats and dogs just like it is with humans.

Pet screen for window styles varies from roll-down screenings that work well on normal sliding windows all the way up to custom cut-out screens which require extra tools for installation but provide a much better fit than traditional roll-down pet screens. A common concern with all pet screens is the ability to remove them with extreme ease, but many companies have designed special pet resistant window screens that are easy to install and remove so it doesn’t become a chore for you or your family.

Stainless steel window screens

Stainless steel window screens are a type of screen made from stainless steel mesh. The stainless steel metal is corrosion-resistant, so the window screens do not rust or corrode, even when left outside for many years. This makes them a popular choice in outdoor settings where they may be exposed to the elements.

Stainless steel window screens offer numerous benefits over traditional aluminum window screens and cloth window treatments, they allow more airflow while still blocking insects and other pests. In addition to being strong enough to block insects, these types of metal windows retain heat inside the home during the winter months, reducing heating costs. They also keep out solar heat in the summer months for increased savings on cooling costs.

The screens are far less likely to tear than cloth window treatments and don’t have a tendency to sag or come loose from the window, they won’t fade in the sunlight as fabrics do, so they don’t have to be replaced as often. In fact, stainless steel metal can last for 20 years or more with little wear and tear.

There are many different types of stainless steel mesh that may be used to create stainless steel window screens. The different types vary primarily in their thickness and durability. Mesh that is too thick may not allow optimal airflow into the home–though it does provide increased durability. Thinner mesh provides easier airflow but is more easily torn by pets and kids playing outdoors.