Road Maintenance and Repair

In every nation, roads maintenance is critical because roads are a key national asset. They provide the basic foundation for economic activities and development and as well ensure day-to-day activities run smoothly and safely. Road infrastructures have a great impact on the economic developmental growth of every society because they create enabling environment for socio-economic … Read more

Soil Stabilization Methods

Soil stabilization as a technique for improving the engineering properties of soil for construction use has been discovered for many years in the construction industry. In the olden day’s construction, different methods of soil stabilization were used in improving soil stability and suitability, some of which were so effective that many of the roads and … Read more

Components Of Infrastructural Development

Infrastructural development is a large part of many countries’ budgets and political agendas. The aim of infrastructural development is to help improve the lives of people in that country by increasing access, providing necessary services, improving traffic, and generally making the country more efficient and easier to live in. What is Infrastructure? The word infrastructure … Read more

Different Types Of Asphalt Mix For Pavement Construction

Asphalt pavements over the years have become increasingly popular because of their relatively low cost compared to concrete or other types of pavement materials. There are different types of asphalt mix available for pavement construction which makes it easier for users to make choices depending on the nature of the surface where they will be … Read more

Types of Construction Equipment and their Uses

Backhoes are small tractor-like machines that can only rotate 200 degrees from side to side.  They are often confused with excavators since they have similar excavation and lifting capabilities with excavators. However, Backhoes differ in size and functionality from excavators. While Backhoes are small tractor-like machines that can only rotate 200 degrees from side to … Read more