Mat Foundation

What is mat foundation? Mat foundation is a type of shallow spread footing. The word ‘mat’ means that the soil is placed and compacted in layers to provide a stable, level, and resisting base for construction works. The term mainly refers to construction where the footings bear on soil with an insufficient bearing capacity or … Read more

Types of Foundations

This article is aimed at giving detailed knowledge on the types of foundations and their applications. What is a foundation in construction? Foundation in construction, therefore, is the substructure of a building or any civil structure that connects the entire structure directly with the ground on which the building stands, through which loads both live … Read more

Types of Concrete

What is concrete? There are different types of concrete available in the construction industry today. Concrete by definition is a composite building material composed of coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement that hardens over time. Most concretes used are lime-based, Portland cement being the most common type of cement. Concrete is used more … Read more

Types of Timber for Furniture

What is timber? There are different types of timber for furniture production and other construction works. A timber generally, is a type of wood that has been processed into planks and beams for construction purposes. Timber is also known as lumber. In essence, any wood that is capable of yielding a minimum dimensional size can … Read more

How to Repair a Leaking Roof

Roof repairs are a very important part of keeping your roof in good condition and looking its best all through its service years. Leaky roofs are a major problem that can cause a series of damages to home interiors from waterlogged attic insulation to ruined floors, and repairing them is labor-intensive. How to repair a … Read more

Types of roofing sheets

The roof is the top structure of a building forming the upper covering to provide protection from sun, rain, wind, cold, and heat; there are different types of roofing sheets with varying qualities and prices. This article aims to give detailed knowledge on the advantages and disadvantages of some common roofing sheets types. The primary … Read more

Types of Construction Equipment and their Uses

Backhoes are small tractor-like machines that can only rotate 200 degrees from side to side.  They are often confused with excavators since they have similar excavation and lifting capabilities with excavators. However, Backhoes differ in size and functionality from excavators. While Backhoes are small tractor-like machines that can only rotate 200 degrees from side to … Read more